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Equestrian Complex

NEP "Rus'" equestrian complex is built in the historic place. Earlier there was a Maxim Gorky horse breeding kolhoz that was established based on the former Count Orlov Stables. Now it's a modern equestrian complex with unique infrastructure. The Park includes EC "LEVADIYA" that provides horse riding services and hosts competitions in different equestrian sports. There is also a horse riding school in "LEVADIYA".

Park provides horse riding services for both children and adults, amateurs and professionals. There are stables for sportsmen can put their horses. There are training conditions for different levels and various equestrian sports - dressage, jumping, driving etc

Special attention is payed to children. There is a pony-club "Konyok-Gorbunok" in the Equestrian complex for young sportsmen. There is also a horse-riding school for children "Vivat, Russia!". There is also a horse-driving school.

Complex provides Hyppotherapeutic and recreational horse-riding services. The training is hosted by experienced coaches. Individual programs and trainings for disabled people.

Park also provides a unique possibility to rent carriages, horses and ponies for wedding or solemn events both on the territory and outside of Park.

There is a comprehensive contemporary infrastructure for hosting the national and international competitions in various equestrian sports - dressage, jumping, driving, western, paralympic dressage.

The modern equestrian complex "Vivat, Russia!" is going to be constructed in 2014. It meets all international stantards and allows to host equestrian competitions of the highest level.

Equestrian complex provides full specter of horse keeping and care services, including veterinary inspection and medical treatment. Horses are kept in modern stables with 24-hour video observation. There are open grounds and indoor halls with special ground. Horse-keepers may use barells, drinking-bowls, paddocks. Also provided are services of sports training and logistics in Russia and Europe.

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