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FEI President Foreword


by the FEI President


On behalf of the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), I send my congratulations for the opening of the National Equestrian Park, the biggest equestrian complex in Eastern Europe. It is unique in Russia and situated on 250 hectares in the vicinity of Moscow, comprising of three equestrian complexes and over 100 dedicated buildings.

It is wonderful that the FEI can share in your excitement on this momentous occasion, which will positively affect the popularization of equestrian sports in Russia and provide maximise the access to equestrian activity for the people of your country. Such projects would of course not be possible without the input of socially active and inspiring individuals working behind the scenes to ensure they get off the ground.

Andrjey Malcievsky has spared no efforts in promoting the future of national sports and highlighting some of the issues youth today are facing. Indeed, this complex has a very high number of activities and sections dedicated to young people. There are many equestrian-related workshops, technical and trade structures present in the complex and it is also the perfect locations for exhibitions and other events. Other attractions on offer here include a museum dedicated to the horse world, stables and recreational areas including many child-friendly activities such as a mini zoo park and educational institutions. Notably, the complex provides hippotherapy for disabled children.

Finally, Russia is equipped with a modern equestrian center which has the developed infrastructure suited to and necessary for all FEI disciplines including Paralympic sport and pony sport. This magnificent equestrian universe is open to all, regardless of level of income or disabilities, because talented children are able to train for free and there are also preferential conditions for famillies on low incomes.

I believe that this park will become a key element in popularizing the idea of human and horse interaction in Russia; it can only increase the already-present interest in equestrian sport in Russia and draw international support and attention for Russian equestrianism in the years ahead. I wish you a wonderful start to this new adventure.

FEI President
Princess Haya bint Al Hussein

HRH Princess Haya
FEI President

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