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National Equestrian Park "RUS"

National Equestrian Park "RUS" is the biggest entertaiment and leisure theme park in Russia. It is situated in Moscow Region's Leninsky District in former Count Orlov's estate.

The Park was created as the unique center for leisure and entertaiment, where everybody can become familiar with the amazing equestrian world and equestrian sports. In the Park the Modern Times meet the historic Russian traditions.

There is a monumental complex in the park. It reminds its visitors of great events, dates and names from Russia's history; of our saints and ancestors.

There are regular services St.Tryphon's Chapel. Here all who believe in God can pray to holy relics. In July 2013 there was a grand ceremony of donation of a Burning Bush and a the blessed Icon of the Mother of God to a Chapel. In "Burning Bush" pavillon you can see the sprouts of that christian icon.

Not far from the Chapel there's St. Peter and Fevronia's memorial, which is visited by the newly wedded couples, because St. Peter and Fevronia - are the orthodox patrons of marriage.

On November 4th, 2013 there was a grand Foundation stone laying ceremony for Russian Cavalry Memorial - one of soon-to-be integral parts of the National Equestrian Park.

One of distinctive features of the Park is its theme: revival of the rich traditions of horse-breeding in Russia, development of amateur and professional equestrian sport.


Конный Парк

To watch photos from the park, visit gallery

You can watch live video of the sports and entertainment events from the Park any time at online webcast section.


NEP "RUS" Equestrian complex is built on the historic for horse-breeding place. Here there once were stables of Count A.G.  
Orlov-Chesmensky, that gave lots of great breeding horses. There are different complexes with stables, riding halls, grounds, paddocks, barrels, stalls for rent.

Those complexes are: "Hunting Yard", "Orlov's Stables", Center of Amateur Jumping, Center of Amateur dressage, EC "Vivat, Russia!" with the biggest hall in Russia designed for the competitions of the highest level, and one of the most famous Equestrian centers in Russia "Levadiya". Experienced coaches help kids and adults to study horse riding, show jumping, dressage, driving etc.

There are regular equestrian competitions of various levels in NEP "RUS" - from club to international. There are pony-club and equestrian school for children. It is an interesting place for those who love horses and enjoy equestrianism.

NEP "RUS" is a unique place for recreation. Due to modern and comprehensive infrastructure there are occupations for everyone:  
horse-riding or driving, recreation in the nature, boating, zoo or circus. It is interesting for kids and adults.

There are amusement rides, circus "Pod Kupolom", "Fairy Tales Valley"  
zoo, Dinosaur valley, ropewalk park, boat yard, beach, fishing place, billiard, shooting range, skating rink, cafes.



- NEP "RUS" covers more than 250 hectares
- EC "Vivat, Russia!" riding hall is 100x60m. It's the biggest domed equestrian hall in Eastern Europe
- More than quarter of all International FEI licensed events in 2014 will be held in NEP "RUS".
- Annually there are over 100 equestrian sport events, training seminars, master-classes, holidays and entertaining events that are held all over the year.
- Training seminars are hosted by the famous coaches and horse-riders, winners of world biggest sports competitions (includinc World Cup, Nations Cup and European Championship), Olympic games participants: Johny Hilberath, Thomas Weinberg, Alexandra Korelova, Lars Meier.
- "Vivat, Russia!" domed hall's capacity is 1000 people
- "Vivat, Russia!" open hall's capacity is 1500 people.

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